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We partner with you to create epic places to work.


By developing confident leaders, reimagining the employee experience and building all-in cultures, we help you create a business that has everyone talking - for all the right reasons. With a unique blend of evidence-based practice, neuroscience and energetics, our leadership  mentoring, workshops and strategy programs are designed to go the distance.

We like to think of it as creating human-shaped culture.

What exactly is a third space?


Third Space is a new way for businesses to stop doing HR, and start creating human-shaped culture.

It’s the in-between place that emerges when two or more people come together – that sweet spot where strong and meaningful connections are made.

Third Space stands for ‘us’ and ‘our’ instead of ‘you’ and ‘me’. It’s our collective zone of humanity, where we tap into our full potential as people first, and leaders and employees second.

Entering this ‘third space’ is where the magic happens: empowering us to make our unique human-shaped ding in the world.

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"Every moment in your life will benefit from being able to connect effectively."

What we stand for.

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Behind Third Space.


Hey, I’m Hareta. But you can call me ‘H’. I’ve made it my mission to expand the ‘H’ in HR. Hyper-aware, happiness, and holistic are my vibe.

I specialise in transforming leaders and redesigning the employee experience. I partner with the purpose-led, the forward-thinkers and the difference-makers to create human-shaped cultures that make a ding in the world.

I have worked with the best in the biz. Where the freedom to create, explore and do things differently was encouraged. But I’ve also been approached for advice and support by others who’ve had very different experiences. And I know that the world needs more workplaces who approach people and culture differently.  

Traditional HR is out. We are HR for the new era of good leaders who are doing good business.


Exploring neuroscience, psychology, and energetics has released my creativity, playfulness and motivation to shake things up so that everyone can benefit from a new kind of workplace.

I’ve seen first-hand the power that comes from leading and designing experiences anchored around human behaviour. So I’ve put a middle finger up to the old ways of working and raised my glass to new ways of leading and contributing.

Founding Third Space has allowed me to scale my discoveries and combine my professional HR expertise with a dash of unconventionality. How we do what we do enables us to rise above the noise that traditional HR can create, and supports us as we advocate for the simple power of human connection.

H is for a new way of doing Human in business.

The journey.


Experience matters. Backed by a Bachelor of Business Administration, I’ve worked in medium to large Australian-based global organisations for the last decade. I’ve managed teams across multiple time zones, and led through structural change, acquisitions and pandemics. I’ve scaled employee experience programs and run leadership workshops in Australia, the US and the UK. All in my signature style. Here are some highlights.

Words from clients.

Explore how we can partner together.

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Leadership Workshops.

Develop confident, capable leaders who create all-in cultures. We design experiences that fill the skill-gaps you're experiencing right now, and solve management challenges in real time.

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Private Mentoring.

Designed for founders and CEO's of scaling businesses, our mentoring experiences are for the purpose-led, the forward-thinkers and the difference-makers who want expert, tailored leadership and workplace culture advice.

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Culture & HR Strategy.

Perfect for businesses who want to get HR right from the get-go or are transitioning away from a Consultancy. Stop doing HR like everyone else with an industry leading People & Culture strategy.


Let's chat.

Choosing someone to work with is a big decision. We have to fit. And that all comes down to vibe. If you're keen to see how we can change the game, book in a free 30 minute vibe check.


We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants and traditional custodians of the country we call home. We acknowledge the Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi people as the traditional owners and custodians of Noosa, the land upon which we live, learn, work and play, and pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging.