Focus on these 3 areas in 2023 for leadership success.


Leading a team can often be perceived as glamorous. But leadership is a skill. If you’re not trained, don’t have a set of leadership tools at the ready and are unable to find focus, it can be a right sh*t show.


In a world full of volatility, uncertainty and change, knowing how to lead is a strategic business advantage. And the leaders who skimp out on people and culture are the ones who are going to falter in the longer term. But the leaders who invest in themselves, create space to think about the bigger picture and prioritise their employee experience are the ones that will stand the test of time.


As we continue to face a tight labour market and economic uncertainties, how your people feel at work will determine your ability to attract and retain them, whilst driving business performance. How your people feel directly relates to you and how you lead.


So, with that in mind, I share three areas I predict you’ll need to focus on if building your leadership capability is a priority for you in 2023.


 1. Facilitating Career Development

When we talk about retention, we talk about perceived value. People are looking for purpose and they want to be wanted. They want to know that the work they’re doing means something. A 2022 Gartner survey found that employees left their employers for better development opportunities at similar rates as higher compensation, proving that career development is critical to retention.


Knowing how to delegate for development, upskill and implement succession plans are key success factors here. So is understanding how to have impactful feedback, performance and career conversations.


2. Approaching Employee Burnout & Health

The 2022 Microsoft Work Trend Index found that 62% of Australian workers reported being burned out at work, compared to the global average of 48%. People have done it tough over the past few years and we’re seeing a change in what an employer’s ‘duty of care’ looks like. After the pandemic, a rise in burnout, change in workforce culture, mental health challenges and economic uncertainty, more employees are turning to their managers for emotional support.


Understanding the drivers of employee stress and creating structures to relieve those stressors as much as possible will be important. It may simply come down to a simple decision, conversation or process tweak. Knowing your responsibilities, communicating clear pathways to access professional help and learning the tools to provide emotional support will be key. There is a huge opportunity to build trust here.


3. Managing Turbulence & Change

I don’t have to tell you about all the change we’ve navigated and continue to navigate. You live it too! And it’s taking a toll. According to Gartner research published in 2022, 45% of HR leaders say their employees are fatigued from all the change experienced over the past few years. The report found that only ‘43% of employees who experience above-average change fatigue intend to stay with their organization.’


If you’re not actively having change conversations, you’re leaving a key part of your retention strategy on the table. Readjusting expectations, understanding how to take your people along the change journey and educating them with resilience/change management training will help here.


In a climate where so much hinges on people, it’s never been more important to have a clear plan on how you will manage one of the largest costs to your business - people. Part of that plan relies on your leadership ability. And if you’re under trained, unsupported and overworked, you aren’t always equipped and prepared to step up in the moments that matter. For you, your people or your business.


If you want to step off the hamster wheel and proactively avoid the people challenges you currently face, and if you want your business to come out on top in 2023, then you need to invest in your management and leadership development.





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