Delegation for Managers

A practical online mentoring experience for  those who want to stop doing all the things and start leading with intention.


Delegation for Managers

A practical online mentoring experience for  those who want to stop doing all the things and start leading with intention.


What's holding you back right now?

It's not a lack of desire, drive or commitment. It's the pressure and 'barely-keeping-your-head-above-water' feeling that can come with leading a team of people in today's go-go-go climate. 

Right now, you're spreading yourself thin and you're not a fan. You want (read: need) the knowledge, tools and confidence to regain control, reduce that overwhelm and delegate. Without compromising on quality. 

This is your opportunity to catch your breath. To reduce the stress. To create a culture of accountability and build an epic place to work where you and your team arrive happy and leave happier.

This experience is for the managers who want to empower their team, excel in their career and position themselves with credibility.

It's perfect for you if:

You manage a team and feel like you're doing *all the things* but not getting far. You want headspace and clarity to focus on work that will scale your career and/or business.

You want to effectively manage one of the largest costs you manage (people). You're ready to save time, energy and money that can be reinvested elsewhere.

You're an HR Manager or Senior Leader who wants to upskill your managers in how to delegate. You want to build a high-performing team culture that gets you results.

Why focus on delegation? 

How many hours have you spent following up, worrying and struggling to sort out the mess?⁠ Do you think your hourly rate fairly represents what that time is worth? ⁠

We’ll take a punt and say that your expertise is better directed toward empowering your team, generating new business or executing your business strategy. That is what knowing how to delegate well, offers you. 

We're here to make delegation simple. You don't need systems, lists or formulas. We've created a leadership development experience that gives you exactly what you need. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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Meet your mentor.

Hi, I'm Hareta. But you can call me H.

Over an HR career spanning a decade, I've mentored and coached people managers, facilitated leadership programs in Australia and the UK, managed global HR teams and have led through structural change, acquisitions and pandemics. And to nail all this? I had to nail delegation. 

As a manager, I've been where you are, finding my footing as I learnt how to delegate well. As an HR professional, I understand what your people want in a leader. As a driven business owner, I know what it's like to want to see a business succeed. A 'trifecta' level of perspective, if you will.

My approach blends practical HR and management experience with neuroscience and energetics so that you walk away knowing the 'why' behind what we cover. Because that is how we get cut through. 


This is your opportunity to:

Untangle the overwhelm, find clarity and develop your capability so that you can stop feeling like a headless chicken, and lead your team with confidence. By the end of this experience, you have the opportunity to:

  • Shift from 'do-er' to leader, positioning yourself with credibility.
  • Take off all the hats and elevate from the detail.
  • Feel in control whilst empowering and enabling your team.
  • Lower the direct and indirect costs of managing your people.
  • Generate revenue through effective work design and by leveraging your teams' skills.
  • Elevate your employee experience, develop a high-performing team and strengthen your team culture.

Throughout this experience, you receive the dedicated guidance of someone who has been where you are, understands your challenges and knows what works.

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Nail delegation with two options.

We have two options to help meet you where you're at: a low-touch mini-mentoring experience or a higher-touch private mentoring experience.

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Delegation mini-mentoring experience.


This is the path for you, if you prefer a low-touch, DIY approach. You get Hareta on your screen, talking to you in pre-recorded videos, like she would if you were together in real life. 

Sounds a bit like an 'online course'? That's because it is. But what it isn't is boring. Leveraging what she knows about human centered design, this experience is pragmatic, practical and actually enjoyable. 

Lesson Snapshot:

  • Genuinely believe in how you win by letting go.
  • Truly understand what you risk by not delegating.
  • Unblock your delegation blockers.
  • Pick what to delegate and who to.
  • Nail your execution and delegate your first task using our 'paint-by-numbers' style delivery script.

This is not a theoretical experience. You'll drive your own behavioural change throughout. By the end, you'll delegate with trust, confidence and authority (without compromising results). You'll see an immediate ROI with optimised time and less stress.

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Delegation private mentoring experience.


This is the path for you, if you want tailored advice for your specific situation. You get everything in the mini-mentoring experience plus a 1 hour private mentoring session.

The blend of DIY and 1:1 means that you're able to maximise the in-person time with Hareta. The private mentoring session is yours and she makes it relevant to where you're at, right now.

Things you can unpack and delve in to:

  • A specific delegation challenge or situation.
  • Your leadership mindset and delegation blockers.
  • Trouble-shoot unexpected challenges that have come up.
  • How you can leverage delegation to build your leadership credibility.
  • Anything else that has come up for you, related to delegation or not.

To maintain momentum, the private session must be used within three months of purchase. By the end of this experience, you'll delegate with trust, confidence and authority (without compromising results). You'll receive the dedicated support you need and will see an immediate ROI with optimised time and less stress. 

Your Investment.

For the low-touch vibe.


One time payment of $95.00

The easiest and most accessible way to work with me in this space. Digest, re-wire and execute at your own pace. You'll receive:

  • 5x delegation mini-lessons, presented in a mixture of pre-recorded video and written format.
  • Worksheets, activities and templates including our proprietary ‘paint-by-numbers’ version to delegating.

Price in AUD & inclusive of GST. 


For the private sesh vibe.


One time payment of $395.00

Receive personalised, expert advice. Close-proximity. Intentional focus. Eyes, mind and heart on you and your current experience. You'll receive:

  • Everything in the mini-mentoring experience.
  • 1x 60 minute private mentoring call with Hareta.
  • A 'wrap-up' email after the session with the recording, resources and next steps to keep you accountable.

Price in AUD & inclusive of GST. 


Not sure which option is right for you or have questions? Send Hareta a direct message on Instagram or LinkedIn.

* We believe that we need to enter any working partnership with an equal exchange of energy. Know that we won't pressure you in to working with us. What we will do, is give you the information you need to make an informed decision that feels right.

Invest in a trusted leadership expert now, and leave with visible new skills that will set you up for long-term success. Future you will thank you.

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